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Dental procedures and new technologies are continually being improved year after year.

There are an amazing number of new technologies and products resources available to every dental clinic that was not available even 20 years ago.

A family dentist is always being updated with the latest dental procedures so that he can offer these procedures to his patients.

Years ago, many people had a fear of going to a dentist but that fear has now basically all but disappeared.


dental laser therapy clinic


One of the newer technologies that is becoming very popular with dentists is the use of lasers. This article will discuss 3 different types of lasers that are being used in many dental clinics. The 3 different laser types include Waterlase, Easylase, and Diagodent. If you are interested in laser dentistry then you should ask your dentist whether he is able to perform any dental procedures using lasers. Your dentist will be able to explain the benefits of laser dentistry.

There are many dental procedures that can be performed with Dental Laser Therapy. Waterlase is a laser procedure that does not require an injection. This alone will reduce a patient’s anxiety or fear and will result in creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Patients who have this type of laser procedure typically experience less swelling, bleeding, post-op discomfort, and a reduction in pain medication.

Some multi-visit dental procedures such as restorations in a multitude of quadrants can now be done in just one visit. Another advantage with this type of dental treatment is that it will create a better surface bonding for restorations. There is a better accuracy and precision using Waterlase. It will allow the dentist to treat a targeted area of soft tissue and tooth structure while keeping the structural integrity of a tooth and leaving all surrounding areas unaffected.

There have been many studies that have shown that the Waterlase treatment is less dramatic and less invasive than using a scalpel, drill, or electro-surge.

Simply speaking, a dental treatment that uses a Waterlase laser treatment will mean a healthier tooth structure and tissue because of more preservation and less invasive techniques.

A Diagnodent laser treatment utilizes a laser pen that provides a high detection accuracy. It can be extremely difficult to detect sub-surface lesions using a typical explorer. Due to fluoridation, many Americans now have a harder tooth enamel. This means that incipient caries lesions that were normally on the tooth surface have now migrated below the surface. A Diagnodent treatment provides a higher degree of accuracy and certainty which will make it easier for a dentist to see into fissures and occlusal pits.

The 3rd type of laser is Easylase which is used for soft tissue procedures such as vaporization, incision, excision, ablation, and coagulation of oral soft tissues. It is often used for vestibuloplasty laser periodontal type procedures such as the removal of infected, diseased, or inflamed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket.


Yes, there are many benefits to dental laser therapy and as the industry does more research into this remarkable dental technology the benefits for the patient will be amazing.